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This past week, have been a hard week for team Misfits as there have been trials for new members, however, luckily we found players that are as enthusiastic about Counter-Strike: GO as the rest of the team. With the full 5-stack in the team, EG | Misfits are ready to train hard for this coming year in competitive E-Sports.

Team Sirius is another amazing team in EG and they have stood strong together in many tough situations and they keep getting stronger. Welcome to PasQuaL – Captain – Primary AWP; Pillow – Secondary AWP; The Young Wolf – Entry fragger; Raai’n – Support; Aisukaze – Lurker.
This amazing team will go far. Keep an eye out for them in the coming months as they aim for the top spot in matchmaking and compete in tournaments.

Hyper Layer

We want to give a big hand to Hyperlayer ( Hyper Layer | High Performance Hosting). EG has the honor of being affeliated with HyperLayer.

They have excellent performance on their servers and they have the best customer support. We are honored to use their servers and would recommend them too anyone who wants to host servers with highly competitive prices for performance.

Race Tuning

RaceTuningConcepts are close friends of evolution gaming. If you are interested go check out their website (RaceTuningConcepts).

Look out for the coming updates to the website and the post as we will keep you updated on anything new in the EG community.