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Our Story

Established in 2016, Evolution Gaming is a growing e-sports organisation based in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Our MISSION is to bring e-sports to the masses by creating a lifestyle brand that unites the gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals under one banner.

Our long-term VISION is to be a part of the local scene where the paradigm of gaming is shifted from hobby to a lifestyle, and the standard for e-sports events and competition are at a world-class level.

Evolution Gaming believes in sportsmanship and respect for its fellow gamers and the broader gaming community.  Members at EG are family to each other because of the respect, discipline and commitment towards one another.  We pride ourselves with dedication and endurance during serious competitive matches.

Our competitive teams have seen better days against rivals, but they are motivated to learn from their failures and always come back with more knowledge and experience to lead them to future victories.  We at Evolution Gaming strive for a better future for e-sports in South Africa.

  • Mieke Louw Board Member Mieke Louw
  • Romano Simpson Board Member/Adviser Romano Simpson
  • Darius van Rhyn Director Darius van Rhyn
  • Abdullah Mansuri Co-Director Abdullah Mansuri